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Identifying an imbalance in the posture and correcting it with adapted insoles is based on a precise and personalized process
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    Our mission is to improve the health of our patients by offering a personalized consultation.

    With a unique method, we designed and developed a fully computerized dynamic analysis platform. It allows a thorough and precise study of the posture, running or walking, to determine the insole best suited to your body type.

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    Whether to correct a posture, improve physical performance or relieve pain. Orthopedic insoles can be useful for any type of person.

    Testimonials from our patients

    We are very proud of the service we provide and the products we offer. Read our testimonials from our customers.
    I've been wearing some soles since 2016, following a motorbike accident. Now, I can't do without it because I don't feel any pain anymore, while I've got a 1,5 cm pelvic obliquity because of this accident. I come back every year with pleasure.

    Grégoire L.

    With my son, I'm under the care of Colléter-Chaudet's office. Over the years, I enjoy to see my posture harmonize, and see some clear progress for my son. I recommend this office for modern examinations, quality of listening, and follow-up of patients.

    H. Carine

    I'm a practitioner of running competition, I used to suffer from ``wiper syndrome``. Since I'm wearing some soles, after a short adaptation period, the pain disappeared. I was able to ease back into training sessions, an even increase the intensity.

    J. Ludovic

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